Meet Gabriele, YFU Italy’s School Ambassador

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First of all, my name is Gabriele Moranduzzo and I am a 20 years old School Ambassador for YFU Italy. I’m glad of being part of this project although it is all new for me.

Since Italy never really implemented this project – as School Ambassador – I agreed with my partner Regional Coordinator to start the job by creating a dense network in the areas close to where we live, in particular Milan.  Being such a big city, networking in Milan would more likely give us the possibility to spread the news and receive a quicker feedback thanks to our several links and contacts with the major Regional Institutions involving young people (Schools, Libraries, Universities, Church Parish Centers, Youth Organizations, etc).

We decided to involve other cities as well in this project, such as Sesto San Giovanni e Agrate Conturbia. We planned to recruit at least 15 new stable and operative volunteers for each of the quoted cities. This would eventually allow us to have a better availability of people willing to take part in the project and involving other people themselves through new workshops and promoting activities. Possibly, with this kind of availability of people, we also planned to organize a bigger event in Rome at the beginning of the next summer, thanks to our several links with experienced Italian people who have been Exchange Students around the world while in High School, and also because YFU Italy has there its home base. This would be one of our biggest achievements.

I really look forward to see our goals becoming a reality and my wish is to make everything the best way possible and really change things for the better.

Written by Gabriele Moranduzzo, YFU Italy’s School Ambassador