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YFU France has recently recruited its new CG regional coordinator in the “Centre” region, where the CG program has not been developed so far. This region has been chosen as it is where the head office is located (in Tours).

As it happens, YFU France has already developed a partnership program with a university in the South region in Montpellier, for 2 years now. In order to extend and amplify CG activities in France, and particularly in the Centre region, we are analysing this partnership with the University and looking for all paths that could lead to increasing the awareness of the program and its importance among schools and general public in the targeted region.

The partnership with Paul Valery University in Montpellier gives, each year, CG workshops to about 15 applied foreign language master students as part of their international project. The University participates in the training fees to support our organisation and its anchoring in the region.  The CG project is proposed at the university as a full part of the student’s course, for which they receive a grade at the end of the year based on the outcomes of the project, the way they handled its development, and a written report they present at the end of the year. The CG students that finish their master’s year then recruit new students for the next promotion starting the master course, and thus the CG project is renewed each year. The previous students also establish a tutoring system with the new students to support them. They work quite autonomously and have already established a cooperation with a “Maison pour Tous” (inter-generational and social centre) where they provide workshops in exchange to free access to training room.  Next autumn, the students are invited to provide CG workshops to general public during a “Rosa Parks week” organised by the Maison pour Tous to fight discrimination.

This partnership will serve as a model for similar training and recruitment in Tours and later in other regions. We are more specifically targeting teacher training programs so that new teachers will have participated to CG workshops and will be familiar to the idea and methods for their future work with school pupils; as well as foreign language and international curriculum at various universities – the intercultural and global citizenship approach of the CG program is very likely to attract students studying this fields and motivate them to become volunteers for the project.

In addition, we are developing school agreements, for YFU and CG, and want to extend the training to professional youth workers to offer workshops in youth holiday centres and youth organisations in order to spread workshops over the civil year and not only during  the academic year.

To be able to provide enough facilitators to give the CG workshops, we are planning on having a training in Tours by the end of this summer, and one in autumn after the school re-opening, in addition to the one in Montpellier for next year students.

For more information contact Claire Labrousse: education@yfu-france.org

Written by: Claire Labrousse, YFU France Regional coordinator, and Anne Beaumont, Volunteer Coordinator, Tours France