Big leap forward, YFU Germany represented at the ‘vocatium’ job fair in Pforzheim!

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The Coloured Glasses team of Baden-Wuerttemberg attended an educational/job fair ‘vocatium’ for the first time in Pforzheim, South West Germany. More than 1200 students and over 30 companies / organizations attended the ‘vocatium’ job fair and connected to each other. Coloured Glasses had the opportunity to be present next to names such as Aldi, the German Red Cross, the German Military “Bundeswehr” and many other organizations.

The fair was organized by the IfT Institut für Talententwicklung (“= institute of talent development”), a well-known German organization for job fairs. The IfT offers high value discussion forum and contact exchanges to young people right before they decide which path they will take into academic and professional training. After 15 years of successful engagement all over Germany IfT is now on its way abroad starting with offices all over Europe in Poland, Austria, Denmark, Spain and many more!

The vocatium fair in Pforzheim was the 3rd one organized in the South West German town, Coloured Glasses will also be attending the vocatium fair organized by IfT in Vienna, Austria this fall – stay tuned!

Coloured Glasses had the opportunity to attend the fair as a “special guest” as part of the “volunteer panel: you & I” which is an extra fair organized taking place during the “standard” educational fair. Together with the German Red Cross and the German Military (if you want to, you can do voluntary services in the Federal Armed Forces). Coloured Glasses was able to present the opportunity to encourage people to volunteer as a teamer or trainer and attend or facilitate Coloured Glasses workshops.

We got a chance to talk to many interested (and interesting!) young people from the Pforzheim area and to present them the Coloured Glasses project and the opportunity to volunteer for and in the project together with Youth For Understanding Germany. It was interesting to see how many young students are interested to volunteer and are looking for a way to spend their time outside of school.

Besides that, we were able to attend a local press conference which was organized due to the fair and discuss volunteer work topics with locals like the Mayor for Social Affairs, the Executive Board of the German Red Cross, the principle of a private boarding school and the executive management of the Institute for talent development.

Coloured Glasses Austria will attend the vocatium educational fair in October in Vienna, Austria. Except that, the Institute for talent development asked us to attend their fairs in Northern Germany as well. We are looking forward to a great partnership!

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Written by: Theresa Fritz and Phil Liebscher, Coloured Glasses Volunteers from YFU Germany