Reflections about non-formal education methodology

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Non-formal education is consistent with any planned programme of personal and social education for people, designed to improve a range of skills and competence, outside of the formal curriculum.

Non-formal education is the methodology chosen by Coloured Glasses to approach intercultural learning.

Non-formal education methodology was something not completely new for me, but for sure to go deeper into this matter and to experiment how to create, structure and manage a Coloured Glasses workshop was absolutely very exciting.

As Regional Coordinator for Italy, where this project has to be not only implemented but created, managed and cuddled as a newborn, I really feel motivated and enthusiastic. I personally trust deeply this educational approach, in which, experience, active participation, dialogue and reflection are at the base of the learning process,

Non-formal education is based on the concept that learning is based on experience, and is even more efficient when the peer-to-peer system is used.

Being used to animal behavior, from a very personal point of view I think it is interesting to find analogies with the learning strategies adopted by very young animals of certain species. Behavior in animals is not only reactive, but also proactive, social and adaptive. They learn by sharing experiences with other animals of the same age, socializing, playing together, imitating and emulating. The learning process is strictly influenced by the group dynamics.

I like to consider the non-formal method the nearest to the natural predisposition of human being to the learning process and I believe it should find much more space in the Italian school system.

Written by: Paola Gulden, Regional Coordinator  – YFU Italia