YFU Sweden Volunteers workshops on Identity and Human Rights

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  At the beginning of August two YFU Sweden Volunteers took themselves to a Scout camp in Kristianstad to deliver workshops about Identity and Human Rights.

The Scout camp had over 10.000 participants of different age groups. There they tried to have workshops in the morning with teen-agers between 15-18. They managed to get some participants and delivered mainly workshops about Identity which always had good discussions. Generally being at the Scout Jamboree was a great feeling of being welcomed by everyone in such an open group and situation.

The workshops consisted of two group leaders trying to gain members with first only oral presentation, then with the help of, e.g. a logo but lastly the new group members only had to rethink the presentation without the group leader having a word in it. The concept of how Identity develops came clear to everyone in the group next to being happy (or not) about their accomplishment of gaining group members.

The most interesting thing was when one participant said that she never would have thought how identity actually can be influenced by others without noticing it and how interesting that was to see during the workshop.

Written by: Justin Jacob, Volunteer at YFU Sweden.