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Hello, my name is Bianca Hansabut and I am the School Ambassador of the Coloured Glasses project in Austria. I am still fairly new to this organisation, but I love being a part of it and do my best to spread awareness of it here in Vienna.

We chose our capital city Vienna as main target point for our networking, because Coloured Glasses is not very well known here. The project has already been started in 2012, yet unfortunately it stopped being active and has to be re-established by us now.

Currently I´m working on building a network with other youth organisations (Students´ Union, AKS, Scouts, etc.) to be able to motivate as many people as possible to come to our first launch event on the 30th September. We booked a great culture centre and our aim is to welcome about 100 people in order to reach as many young activists as possible. There we will introduce the project while connecting with people and having a good time. Hopefully by this point we will have at least 25 people who are interested in participating in a training to become a workshop facilitator. I´m also going to participate in this, since my main objective is to promote CGrow and I have not yet received a training. However, I would like to have insight of that part of the project too. We still have a few weeks to go until then so I´ll be doing as much promotion work as I can, hanging up flyers in public places such as libraries or schools and talking to organisations.

I really hope we can start doing workshops as soon as possible and build a strong community of volunteers within our reach. I´m very excited for what the next few months will bring and hope I managed to give you a little bit of insight into Coloured Glasses Austria. We´ll keep you updated!


Written by:  Bianca Hansabut, School Ambassador Coloured Glasses Austria