16th ESCU Summer School „Values in our life“

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At the end of August the annual Estonian Student Councils Unions (ESCU) summer school took place. The 3-day-long event was organised in Klooga and had over 70 participants. The overall idea of the event was to help young people see those important things in life, that they usually don’t notice.

Due to the relevance of the topic, YFU Estonia was invited to give 3 workshops, which were all modified versions taken from the „Coloured Glasses“ manual.

First simulation was  called „Value – tolerance in me“, and was facilitated by Sandra Valk and Merilin Raidmets. The workshop’s idea was to find out how multicultural our society is and how it contains differences. Participants were able to experience other people’s difficulties through role-play and discussion based on the question: what should they change in their everyday actions to be more tolerant.

Second simulation was called the “Value – me as a team player” and was facilitated by Anneli Võsandi. Participants were doing activities around the idea of how cultural differences may affect teams when it comes to working in an efficient way. Also we discussed how to make a team stronger through different actions.

The third activity was the “Value – my ability to notice” workshop facilitated by Trine Tamm and Elisabeth Fofilov. The session mostly focused on youth’s reactions to different situations they face. It also helped the participants to get some answers to questions like “am I more focused on the goal if I work alone or as part of a team?”

The participants were really quiet at the beginning, but as the workshops went by, they gained more and more confidence and in the end, everybody expressed their opinion. I was also happy to hear, that some of the youth had already done other Coloured Glasses workshops, which means that the workshop concept is already spreading and reaching out to student activists.

As part of the YFU Estonia CGrow team, our next goal is to organise a larger number and content-wise more different workshops in the hope of motivating young people to share their knowledge, so that Estonia can become even more tolerant.

Written by: Mia Randaru, School Ambassator, YFU Estonia