Development of e-learning modules for facilitators

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A set of e-learning modules is helping Coloured Glasses facilitators carry out high-quality workshops.

Facilitators are at the core of the development of Coloured Glasses: they deliver Coloured Glasses workshops to groups of young people, thus contributing to expanding intercultural education.

Being a facilitator requires the acquisition of certain competences. Training is key: in order to become a Coloured Glasses facilitator, one has to participate in the specific training courses, organised locally in the areas where Coloured Glasses is expanding.  Although the weekend-long training course is intended to enable the new facilitators carrying out their work, it rather focuses on the acquisition and development of facilitation skills. Therefore, we realised that facilitators need to complement their skills with more in-depth knowledge of the key topics addressed during Coloured Glasses workshops. Facilitators need to be knowledgeable of concepts such as stereotyping, discrimination, inequality, cultural dialogue, and human rights.

For this reason, in the frame of the CGrow project, we asked our partner YEU International to develop four e-learning modules, tackling the following topics: 1. Culture and Identity; 2. Human Rights; 3. Stereotypes, Prejudice, Discrimination, Inequality; 4.Intercultural Communication.

Via these e-learning modules, newly trained facilitators will have the opportunity to complement the skills they have gained during the two-day training course, by getting more background information and knowledge on topics that are closely connected to Coloured Glasses.  The e-learning modules combine some reading, videos, links to useful sources, and questions to pus personal reflection further.

We hope these e-learning modules could become a useful tool not only for all our project’s partners, but also for other YFU organisations that deliver Coloured Glasses workshops, thus ensuring quality and consistency.

Written by: Valentina Pomatto, Project Coordinator at EEE-YFU