Successful first meeting with youth workers!

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On October 4th, in the YFU France office located in Tours, we welcomed during an information meeting five staff from different youth organizations, to introduce them not only to our association YFU but also to the Coloured Glasses project.

The aim of the meeting was to meet several representatives working in the youth sector. We wanted them to discover the YFU organization and the Coloured Glasses project to develop partnership with them doing workshops and finding volunteers.

We welcomed a high school professional training manager, who was looking for means to develop exchanges toward foreign countries and to help her pupils to open their mind concerning culture, interculturalism, and tolerance. There was also the Europe House coordinator, with a young Italian student doing EVS for one year in France. They wanted to know if the organization and they could work together, making workshops within their structure for instance. There was also one representative of the Youth Information Office present from Indre et Loire (BIJ37). She also came to know who we are as an organization, and to obtain information about the Coloured Glasses Project, to know if they could find a way to put it together with their own projects. Lastly there was a representative from the Teaching League of Indre who performs in front of secondary school and high school students to help them with their projects.

The meeting began with a global introduction of every representative, so that everyone knows and understands the different actors attending the event.

We formally introduced the YFU association and the CG project, before proposing to the delegates to participate in a workshop as a test on the spot. The experience was very successful and allowed them to create a good atmosphere and connect with each other. They were all conquered by the spirit of CG and left with several ideas on how to disseminate the project and support us.

Concerning the training manager, the idea of Coloured Glasses seems to interest her because workshops would be “a first approach for the teenagers to speak together about subjects they are not used to.” she said. With this meeting, we wanted to create a connection between us and youth workers and/or teachers, and it did work because each representative seemed really interested in the project. They all took flyers and reflected upon the people they could contact to diffuse the info across their network.

The EVS student mentioned how interested he was concerning the volunteer formation we will organise in November. Two or three other people may join it too, coming from representatives’ network. Concerning the training manager, we may schedule workshops at her school, and maybe develop student exchanges. Then for our development in Indre, we will keep contact with the coordinator possibly to target schools to work with and define a schedule of working groups with different themes.

We are very satisfied with this first experience with the youth workers, and are working to organize other such events!

Written by: Amélie Dupont Sauvagère, Pedagogical Assistant, Regional Coordinator at YFU France