My first CG workshop as a facilitator

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I am a part of an organization that is called YFU, where I am a volunteer in Estonia. I am from Hiiumaa, it is an island within the country. At the beginning of October I got an opportunity to explore my own country and at the same time visit different schools where I can facilitate YFU Coloured Glasses workshops covering topics related to the society and cultural differences.

The 5th of October was the day when I went to Tallinn with other cool YFU volunteers. We went there to make 3 Coloured Glasses Workshops in two different schools. Personally I thought that the first school was going to be a small country school but I was wrong. When we arrived we were quite nervous because it was the first time for us to do something like that. But immediately when we stepped into the school, the personnel welcomed us with open hearts and led us to the hall where we did our first ever workshop for 60 students from 8th and 9th grade.

My favorite topic was “What does an exchange year give you.” But why was that my favorite topic? Because there I got to share my experiences and talk about how a year abroad benefits you. When the 45 minutes of the workshop were over, students gave us some feedback so we would know what we did well and what we could do even better. Then they wanted us to tell even more stories but we didn’t have any time left.

All this made me feel so great and I am sure that I will do this kind of workshops over and over again to meet new awesome people and let them experience these workshops. In addition to this, I love to challenge myself as well. Personality-wise I am happy to have accepted this challenge. Now I am even surer that this is similar to what I want to do in the future as a job. Talking and communication, these are the key words for me.

Written by: Triin Jürimäe, First year volunteer of YFU Estonia