The first year of CGrow project at a glance

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December marked the end of the first year of our project CGrow. The mid-term report was a great opportunity to take stock of progresses and achievements and to look at the next steps.

What activities? And for whom?

During the first year of CGrow, the following activities have been carried out:

  • a European Training for Regional Coordinators and School Ambassadors;
  • the development of regional volunteer groups in six countries and a strengthened network in Germany (with 379 active volunteers in total);
  • 26 regional training courses for more than 300 Coloured Glasses facilitators;
  • 11 launch events;
  • 19 networking opportunities;
  • 334 workshops delivered to more than 6000 young people!

What outcomes? And what achievements?

  • The project has contributed to increasing the number of young people with intercultural competences, including their engagement in practices of non-discrimination, intercultural dialogue and understanding.
  • Launch events and networking opportunities have reached out to more than 5000 people, thus contributing to the visibility of the project and of Coloured Glasses workshops. Visibility and outreach were also strengthened via the creation of the project’s website and via monthly newsletters.
  • Project partners created training and educational tools: four e-learning modules to support facilitators/volunteers in the acquisition of knowledge on relevant topics; a “Ready-to-use manual for regional training courses” on how to structure and deliver training courses for new facilitators; on-line tools to collect evaluations from workshops’ participants.
  • FernUniversitaet developed the study design and started tests on participants and on control groups for the preparation of the evaluation study. The project has so far significantly contributed to raising awareness of and developing intercultural competence, via increased synergies between formal and non-formal learning.

What’s next?

  • Project partners are developing and finalising the Quality Assurance Framework (expected to be ready in February).
  • The adapted manual for teachers and youth workers (the Pedagogical Adaptation Team met twice and test workshops were carried out in December 2017 and January 2018).
  • A meeting for regional coordinators and school ambassadors will be organised in Brussels in April 2018.
  • The European Conference will close the project in November 2018; on that occasion, the results of the impact study will be presented.
  • Other 13.000 young people will participate in Coloured Glasses workshops.

Written by Valentina Pomatto, CGrow Project Coordinator