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At the end of the first year of the project CGrow, a survey was sent out to all active volunteers, to receive their feedback and hear about their engagement in Coloured Glasses.

Volunteers at the core of this project

The CGrow project aims to build and strengthen networks of volunteers in the 7 countries were the project is implemented. Volunteers are at the core of the Coloured Glasses’ expansion!

CGrow counts on 379 active volunteers: 200 in Germany, 50 in France, 45 in Estonia, 25 in Sweden, 23 in Italy, 18 in Bulgaria, and 18 in Austria. 78% of them are “new” to Coloured Glasses, while the others have been already involved in Coloured Glasses workshops before.

Volunteers can be involved in CGrow as trainers, facilitators, or support persons helping out with networking and logistics.

Key results of the survey

  • 100% of the volunteers agree or completely agree that it is important for young people to develop intercultural competencies;
  • 86% of respondents said that they feel empowered to bring their ideas to the project;
  • 95% of respondents said that they learn and  develop their competencies, via this project;
  • 94% of them think that they are contributing to a meaningful project;
  • 80% of them feel part of a team, while 18% partly agree with this;
  • 88% of respondents would like to continue their engagement around the topic of intercultural education in the future;
  • 46% of respondents now feel more connected to local communities and contexts than before; but 43% partially agree with this sentence, and 10% disagree.

What do we learn from this survey?

Volunteers feel a strong connection to the project CGrow and to its values and mission. They are glad they can bring their ideas and contribute to expanding intercultural education.

Most of them are likely to stay in the project and continue their engagement around this topic in the future, thus contributing to the sustainability of the networks. We can do even more to reinforce the sense of belonging to one team and connections with local communities.

Thank you to each and every volunteer for the commitment, dedication, and energies devoted to CGrow!

Written by Valentina Pomatto, CGrow Project Coordinator