Wintertreffen: Colored Glasses Germany annual kick-off event!

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Each year on the first weekend of January, the Steering Committee of Colored Glasses Germany invites all the regional coordinators to get to know each other and to receive trainings in their relevant function. After convening in Hamburg for several years in a row, this year’s annual kick-off event called “Wintertreffen” (winter gathering) was held in the Bavarian city of Würzburg for the first time.

By now, our annual planning and training meeting has undoubtedly become a firm tradition. As every year, the 19 of us started off by baking pizza together on Friday evening. Stretching dough and slicing vegetables, everyone slowly got to know each other and shared their experiences from the past year and expectations for the year to come. After dinner, we reviewed the achievements of 2017: 140 workshops with over 2600 participants are the key figures that filled all of us with pride! It was the first year with more than 100 workshops and we outperformed our target by far. This would clearly not have been possible without the hard work and ongoing support of our coordinators, trainers and facilitators whom we would like to thank wholeheartedly.

On Saturday, we introduced the new regional coordinators into their work and explained to them how to contact schools, organize regional trainings and represent Colored Glasses in general. Meanwhile, the experienced coordinators received special training on non-violent communication in an aim to enhance their communication skills in the context of their Colored Glasses activities and beyond that.

Since we intend to redesign our outdated website, we had a lot of fun taking professional photos on Saturday night. All dressed up to the nines, we put on a genuine smile and recorded some fun-filled video clips thereafter.

On Sunday, we exchanged best practices and set our goals for 2018: we are keen to exceed our target of 300 workshops in 2017 and 2018 combined. Therefore, we are going to rally all forces in order to crack that magic mark and offer far more than 150 workshops in 2018.

Motivated and full of beans, we concluded the meeting after lunch and are looking forward to what this year will hold for us.

This year, the number of new coordinators was palpably larger than usually. Thus, their training played an important role and took more time than the years before. Moreover, the overall number of regional coordinators in Germany is slowly increasing in an effort to meet the growing demand for workshops, particularly in sparsely populated areas of our country. We expressly appreciate this development and are determined to provide all relevant assets and resources within the scope of our possibilities.

The next annual meeting is going to take place from January 4-6, 2019, probably in Hannover or Göttingen. The planning has started!

Written by Miguel Waltereit, member of the Steering Committee of Colored Glasses Germany