Coloured Glasses goes live on radio!

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On January 31st, I was invited to a radio broadcast in order to introduce YFU France and the Coloured Glasses project. It was in a local radio station, in Tours, France. Around 350 to 400 people were following the show live. It lasted one hour and a half, during which I spoke about different aspects of the project.

Radio Campus Tours is a local radio hub where many people have their own radio broadcast. I was invited by Wanny, one of the La Station organization’s members who is in charge of their radio project. For an hour and a half, I answered his questions, first on YFU France and after on Coloured Glasses.

Concerning Coloured Glasses, I tried to speak about the whole concept of the project, inviting schools and youth organizations to check our website, and get in contact with us, underling several aspects which everyone could find interesting about this project. Alternating songs and interview, I answered to every question Wanny asked me.

We began with a global introduction of the Coloured Glasses project, its origins, and its main purposes. Then, I spoke about the workshops, their goals, how they are made and facilitated by our specifically trained volunteers.

To gain visibility on a local level, we took advantage of the chance we were given to participate to this show, allowing people to know us better. During the interview, I also had the opportunity to speak about our training we had last February.

Followed by hundreds of people, mainly students, Radio Campus Tours was a great experience for us to spread our values and core messages! With Wanny, we are planning to have a second interview in the future, to follow the progress we have made with CGrow.

I hope this enriching interview could give the opportunity to many people to get to know us and to feel an interest in the Coloured Glasses project, whether it is school staff to welcome workshops or people wanting to become volunteers.

You can re-listen to the entire interview here:

Written by Amélie Dupont Sauvagère, YFU France pedagogical assistant