Running in the sign of tolerance!

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The triathlon team “Lauchsalat” and our Regional Coordinator Judith started for the project Coloured Glasses at the “Laufen hilft” Run at Vienna on the 4th of March.

The triathlon team “Lauchsalat” had an ideal start into their new competition season. With “Laufen hilft” they found the perfect mix of relaxed atmosphere, great mood and a pleasant route. And best of all: they run for a good cause! Thus, a total of € 7,000 could be collected for the St. Anna Childhood Cancer Research and the Ninth House.

That was not enough, the team as mentioned before wanted to set a sign for more tolerance and started for the project Coloured Glasses/CGrow in order to create cultural awareness in this globalized and multicultural world.

Coloured Glasses uses every chance to increase awareness not only through the workshops itself, but also through participating in such charity events. When our regional Coordinator, who is a friend of some team members of the “Lauchsalat” team heard from their idea to take part in the “Laufen hilf” run, she decided to participate and to run for Coloured Glasses. The guys became interested in the project and decided to do so either. They are very excited about our tolerance project and wanted to support our work through giving us more visibility. The not only ran in the name of Coloured Glasses, they also mentioned our project in their Blog and on Facebook an Instagram. We are really happy to have such supportive people for the Coloured Glasses community. By the way, our regional Coordinator was on the 5th place of the women in her age group!

All in all it was a nice but really cold Sunday in Vienna with good running results, good mood and for a good reason. We say thank you to all the helpers of this event and to the Team “Lauchsalat”, which showed how versatile support for our project can be.

Written by Judith Haidacher, Coloured Glasses Austria Regional Coordinator