A schoolday with Coloured Glasses

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My name is Lina and I am currently doing an internship at YFU Germany.

This morning, I was together with two volunteers in a 7th grade at a school in Hamburg. It was my first workshop, so I didn’t really know what we were going to do as I didn’t participate in the program and I didn’t visit any training. Although the class was quite chaotic at first, I had the feeling that they calmed down very fast after they understood what we would be talking about. They said amazing things about the following topics: refugees, stereotypes and prejudices.

I think that the class grew together today. They have been in different classes before summer holiday and got split up and thrown together again now. Many of the students shared stories about their experiences with prejudices and discussed about them so that they got to know each other better. Also, the students tackled the topics and learned to be more sensible.

All in all, I loved watching how a workshop proceeds and I am pretty sure that I will participate in the next training of teamers so that I can lead a workshop as well!

Written by Lina Leonhardt