Long day of Refugees

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This year we were again part of the school program of great UNHCR’s event “Long Day of Refugees”. Three Coloured Glasses Workshops on Intercultural Communication and Human Rights were delivered as a sign of a peaceful society living in a cultural diversity. Inclusion and Integration are possible if we are all willing to do so. It isn’t the easy way, but it is the way for a future with more understanding and less fear and violence.

On Friday the 28th of September 3 Coloured Glasses Teams were prepared to raise awareness on a peaceful dialogue between different opinions. During the preparation process we talked a lot about the political directions in Europe and Austria. As the theme refugees and integration are that popular in political discussions and therefore also in the Austrian medias, the opinions on how to deal with the difficulties of nowadays are splitting apart. Unfortunately the society seems to split apart too, without dialogue. We want to stimulate young people to talk with each other even or especially because they have different opinions. A respectful and reflected communication can bring disagreements closer and together. Maybe you will start thinking out of your box. We see our part in this “Long Day of Refugees” years in stimulating dialogues, reflecting on different opinions and willing not only to recognize problems but also to try to solve them in our areas of life. We are thankful for this year’s invitation to be part of the program and also for the trust in Coloured Glasses.

We are excited and motivated for this special day, let’s start having open hearts and open minds.

 Written by Alina Solomon and Judith Haidacher