School tour = 130 Coloured Glasses workshops in different schools in Estonia

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The autumn is about to be the wisdom of the month – in the summer young people who have fled away are going back to the familiar school house, the center of familiar school pins. The task of the school is to develop in our school children an adequate ability to find a logical solution to different situations, to tell them about our history and how one living organism starts. Often, however, there is little time to talk about interpersonal communication, differences or anything else that is happening around us in society. The topics of exclusion of young people and our ability to notice everything is more often seen in the public media. But even if we notice what we do? What can we do in this situation?

It is our expectation that there should be a supportive environment in the school for the transfer of human and social dignity. The national curriculum also assumes that a young person who has graduated from the school is able to see the world as open and can, if necessary, also criticize the processes that are operating there.

How about doing this in practically one school lesson?

One of the options are the YFU Colored Glasses workshops, which began on the one hand with the desire of YFU to share the accumulated competences of the world in the cultural space, and on the other hand, the desire to provide sufficiently challenging development opportunities for young people. The workshops include interactive activities for actively engaging students and encouraging their inspiration. They will be conducted by our well-meaning, well-prepared volunteers, who will link their exchange experience with these workshops!

And we believe we know what we’re talking about. In 25 years, we have reached more than 25,000 young people, and this number is increasing every year. This year, we have realized 130 Coloured Glasses workshops in different schools in Estonia, for very different young people. Subjects of our workshop were exclusion and if we see an unequal treatment around us – what should be done?

We value our volunteers who are ready to contribute their time to make our society better!

Written by Annely Emma Krell, the leader of the school tour