Divörsity as a Chance!

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From October 16th to 19th 2018, the Austrian Days of Diversity “DIVÖRSITY” took place for the first time. In the nationwide action on diversity, the diversity activities of companies and organizations were in the center. YFU Austria was part of this great action. A Colored Glasses Workshop at the WUK Vienna on Diversity acted as a prelude.

On Tuesday, October 16th the office team and some young people, who are interested in becoming Colored glasses facilitators, participated in an exciting Colored Glasses Austria workshop on diversity. We have taken on new roles and discovered prejudices and stereotypes – and once again realized how enriching diversity is! Colored Glasses showed us all again what a great tool it is to question your actions and habits and reflect on role of society. All started with a morning energizer and a question game to get to know each other’s differences and similarities. Although nearly everybody knew the group’s individuals, we found out new things that connected us or parted us as a group. It quickly became clear that these differences and affiliations in our small group already lead to an inhomogeneity, but it depends on what you make out of this diversity when thinking on the level of society. Do you see it as a chance or as a problem? After this introduction game we started with the simulation called “Circle of Society” and ended our session with personal statements on diversity. This Colored Glasses experience was for some of our office members the first one and the Colored Glasses spirit took over them. Thanks to “DIVÖRSITY” and all participants for this great workshop.