Saying Goodbye to CGrow – The last Steering Committee Meeting

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On the 21st of November all the partners of CGrow gathered in Brussels, to attend the last Steering Committee Meeting of this project, and of course the closing Conference “Empowering Global Citizens – Intercultural Education for Diverse Classrooms and Societies” (more about how the conference went here).

Around 14:00, people starting to gather at the EEE-YFU office in Brussels. We had the pleasure to welcome Milos from OBESSU, Dr. Julia Zimmerman from the Fern Universitaet Hagen, Sara and Veronica from YFU Germany, Judith from YFU Austria, Thomas and Victoria from YFU Sweden, Kadri and Kreete from YFU Estonia, Darina from YFU Bulgaria, Paola from YFU Italy, Pauline and Celine from YFU France. YEU could not attend the event, but sent their warm regards to the entire team.

The meeting started with everybody evaluating CGrow and sharing their Lessons Learned and Added Value that they gathered for the past 2 years. With that in mind, we took a final look at the Policy Recommendations that came out of the CGrow project, and cleared all the questions that our partners had.

After a very pleasant coffee break and some fresh air we were ready to continue. The next chapter was sustainability. Our partners assessed how sustainable it is for them to continue to deliver Coloured Glasses workshops in their country after CGrow. We were very glad to hear that all of our partners were sure they are going to continue to deliver workshops, but some were more optimistic of than others about having the necessary resources. At this point partners started exchanging best practices about fundraising and recourses management, which brought a new energy to the entire group. Even the less optimistic ones were now full of enthusiasm.

The meeting ended with discussing the strategic plans of each partner concerning Coloured Glasses, and how they plan to integrate this methodology into their daily work in the next years. They all presented their vision and agreed to stay in touch with each other and continue the collaboration established during CGrow. After the final logistical details about the Conference were arranged, we all went to the city center to enjoy a well-deserved dinner together with other guests of the conference.

All in all, the meeting was a success: we learned from our experiences, all questions were asked and answered and many plans for the future were made!