The Coloured Glasses Story goes on with ACLEV!!!

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The project “Coloured Glasses Expanding Intercultural Education” (CGrow) is over. But that does not mean that the Coloured Glasses Story stops here.

Say hello to Active Citizens Living European Values (ACLEV)!

Today more than ever, young Europeans need to be empowered to act as responsible and engaged citizens, who can support the advancement and the strengthening of the European project and of its common values.

This project will involve over 5000 young people from across Europe in different activities. It aims to raise awareness, encourage critical thinking, and inspire enthusiasm about European values and the European project; create a sense of belonging to a unified Europe; inspire concrete forms of active citizenship in Europe; and advance the creation of transnational networks for mutual learning and development.

Facilitators will be trained and deliver 240 workshops on active citizenship and European values based on the non-formal education methodology of “Coloured Glasses” developed by YFU, reaching out to 4800 young people from different backgrounds. An online platform will connect the facilitators and encourage transnational networking beyond the project.

A special mobilisation will be organised in all participating countries on 9 May 2019, to celebrate Europe Day and renew engagement around the European project.

120 young people will have the opportunity to deepen their understanding on the topic of European active citizenship, by taking part in youth exchanges organised in Brussels in spring 2019.

The Young Europeans’ Seminar will bring together 500 young people to experience the European concept of “unity in diversity” and discuss forms and tools to put active citizenship into practice.

Communication activities like the production of a video on what it means to be European and an online campaign with testimonies of active citizenship will further engage participants and increase outreach.

Finally, 40 young leaders involved in the project in different capacities will get together in a European Conference, making the voice of the young people they met heard by presenting the project’s results and outcomes to European stakeholders and policy-makers.


Empower young people across Europe to be active citizens and engage in strengthening and advancing the European project.


  1. Raise awareness, stimulate reflections and encourage critical thinking about European values and the European project
  2. Create connections and a “sense of unity” among young people across Europe
  3. Inspire young people to take actions as responsible and engaged European citizens
  4. Build and strengthen transnational networks between organisations and youth workers for mutual learning and development.


Young people between 18 and 25 years (eligible to participate in the European Elections 2019) as participants in the Coloured Glasses workshops and the youth exchange. Participants aged 15-18 at the Young Europeans’ Seminar, with volunteers above 18 years old.